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Explosive Storage Containers

Posted on 18 January, 2019 by Flavia
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serooms.comExplosive Storage Containers With a wide range of customizable options and sizes ranging from 8 to 10,000 sq. ft., Armag has a storage solution for every application. Since 1969, Armag Corporation has been providing the US military and commercial clients explosive storage magazines and explosive storage containers of all sizes and varieties for use all over the world.Explosives storage container. Explosives storage container. Nato stock number (NSN): 8145-25-1527883 . Our explosives storage container consists of a non-blast-proof technical room with integrated power plant, and two blast-proof compartments.Our strength is your security. Our Strength is Your Security U.S. Explosive Storage is a brand of Armag Corporation , the premier manufacturer of explosive storage magazines and weapon storage armories. All US Explosives brand products are engineered to meet the required needs and specifications for safe storage of weapons & ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnics, detonators, caps, fuses, and more.Explosive storage magazines. Explosive materials and ammunition must be stored in appropriate magazines. Magazines must meet all construction and housekeeping requirements of 27 CFR 555, Subpart K., Explosive materials and ammuntion may not be left unattended in Type-3 magazines, including day boxes, and must be removed to type 1 or 2 magazines for unattended storage.

1. Port Shelters And Shipping Containers

Port Shelters And Shipping Containers  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:780x582 Size:40kB

2. Explosives & Ammunition Storage

Explosives & Ammunition Storage  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:1024x540 Size:127kB

3. Explosive Magazines

Explosive Magazines  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:780x582 Size:21kB

4. Explosives Storage Container

Explosives Storage Container  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:694x360 Size:183kB

5. Detonator Storage

Detonator Storage  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:705x318 Size:68kB

6. Storing Dangerous Materials

Storing Dangerous Materials  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:955x466 Size:72kB

7. Dangerous Goods Containers For Sale & Hire

Dangerous Goods Containers For Sale & Hire  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:640x480 Size:43kB

8. Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:705x250 Size:46kB

9. Glossary

Glossary  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:680x450 Size:22kB

10. Gunpowder Storage Box Plans

Gunpowder Storage Box Plans  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:1100x871 Size:373kB

11. Fire Rated Chemical Storage

Fire Rated Chemical Storage  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:700x420 Size:30kB

12. Ammo Heavy Explosives And Ammunition Magazines

Ammo Heavy Explosives And Ammunition Magazines  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:800x479 Size:41kB

13. Explosive Magazines (rem's)

Explosive Magazines (rem's)  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:640x480 Size:45kB

14. Hazmat Certified Containers

Hazmat Certified Containers  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:780x582 Size:34kB

15. Single Unit Magazines

Single Unit Magazines  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:1024x768 Size:159kB

16. Grenade Storage Magazine

Grenade Storage Magazine  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:1024x540 Size:81kB

17. Dangerous Goods Containers

Dangerous Goods Containers  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:780x582 Size:36kB

18. Safety Cabinet, A & A Sheet Metal Products

Safety Cabinet, A & A Sheet Metal Products  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:960x425 Size:312kB

19. 20ft Explosives Storage Container

20ft Explosives Storage Container  SAVE

Image info : Resolution:1024x768 Size:136kB

Image info : Resolution: Size:

Image info : Resolution: Size:

Image info : Resolution: Size:

Image info : Resolution: Size:

Image info : Resolution: Size:

Image info : Resolution: Size:

Image info : Resolution: Size:

Image info : Resolution: Size:

Image info : Resolution: Size:

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